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Studio Kurtycz was born in Paris in 2002 as an artistic project. The idea was to stablish a creatif space using printing techniques as a departure point.

Art is fundamental for society. Art works can engage the discussion, promote critical thining and connect people. On the base of this statement Studio Kurtycz explores all the potential of graphic arts with social engagement.

Between 2008 and 2015 Studio Kurtycz was based in Ghana and later in Benin developing several projects and interventions. Today, back in The Netherlands, the idea is to capitalize the acquired experience and to find the possibilities to continue our work under the same line.

Our expertise:

Woodcut and printing.

Conception, coordination and implementation of art projects and exhibitions in different settings.

Conception and implementation of workshops involving children and adults, adressing social and environmental topics through art.

The artists of Studio Kurtycz

Anna Kurtycz and RUDEK form an artistic couple since 2002. Using engraving as a departure point (in particular relief printing) they mobilize all kinds of techniques and styles: painting, engaving, photography, video, installation and Street Art. Their work has been exhibited in France, The Netherlands, United States, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Ghana and Benin.

Through their work they appropriate the places they live in, they keep track of their life and keep the memory of the people and things around them. Anna's approach is based on the assembly of scenes of daily life, searching for the voluntary/involuntary interaction between people in the same space. RUDEK's approach tries to get the individual out of the mass, through a more portrait-based approach. It is precisely around this tension between the individual and the masses where their common work is positioned.

Anna Kurtycz + RUDEK are part of the Conseil National Français des Arts Plastiques (CNFAP), the International Association of Art (IAA), the Catalogue d'Artistes Contemporains of the Bibliothèque National de France and the haagsekunstenars of Stroom.

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